February 10, 2016

Hot Spots for Burglaries in Las Vegas

Zip Code Map Clark County

Unfortunately, Vegas attracts more than just tourists.   We have our share of theft peppered throughout the valley.  The following information details general burglary statistics, specific areas where burglaries took place, patterns and trends, and tips for preventing these types of crimes.

General Statistics

There are  an average of 41 burglaries each day in Las Vegas. In all, the Metro Police investigated approximately 1,230 burglaries in November 2015. The definition of a burglary includes entering a specific structure with the intention to commit a crime. These statistics don’t include automobile break-ins. The information was provided by, with the raw data based on reported burglaries.

Zip Code Map Clark County

Specific Areas for Burglaries

Burglaries were recorded for certain areas, specifically by zip codes.

89110 – This area includes the highest population area on this particular list. There were 70,994 in the 2010 census. There were a total of 66 burglaries reported. Many of these were near the intersection of Nellis Boulevard and Bonanza Road. Charleston Boulevard, Owens Avenue, and Pecos Road surrounds this zip code. The included area also stretches out beyond Hollywood Boulevard to the east.

89108 – In this area the police received 83 burglary reports. This particular area includes everything surrounded by U.S. 95, Rancho Drive and Washington Avenue. Within this zip code is the second most populated area by density and has a total 70,123 people according to the 2010 census. Vegas Drive reported several burglaries. There were also reported burglaries near the intersection in this area that includes Jones Boulevard, Torrey Pines Drive, and Decatur Boulevard.

89115 – This zip code included 52 reported burglaries in an area that has 58,794 residents. The most activity was in the sections around Walnut Road and Lake Mead Boulevard. There was reported activity in the area of Cheyenne Avenue and Nellis Boulevard as well. This part of Las Vegas is in the section of Owens Avenue, Interstate 15, Pecos Road, and Nellis.

89103 – There were 60 burglaries reported in this zip code. The area has a population of 50,519. This includes the areas around Dean Martin Drive, Flamingo Road and parts of Jones Boulevard and Rochelle Avenue. It is surrounded by Rainbow Boulevard, Tropicana Avenue, and Spring Mountain Road.

89109 – This area is where the majority of the Vegas Strip is located. There were 52 reported incidents of burglaries in this section. There are 7,770 people living in this area. The highest level of activity was near Vegas Boulevard intersections of Flamingo Road and Harmon Avenue. The area is bound by Tropicana Avenue, part of Koval Lane, Sahara Avenue, and Interstate 15.

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Patterns and Trends

It should be noted that the highest number of burglaries reported were not necessarily related to the areas with the highest population. In fact, the Vegas Strip had a disproportionate number of incidents compared to the overall number of people living in this area. The Vegas strip as well as Vegas Drive appear to currently be some of the highest areas for this sort of crime.

Tips for Burglary Prevention

All windows and doors should be secured and locked. Spare keys should not be left outside on the property but kept with a trusted individual. It’s important not to keep a garage door opener in a parked car outside of the home or business. It’s also recommended to get involved in a neighborhood watch association.

With several businesses or families watching for suspicious behavior it’s much easier to keep the area safe. When on vacation or when a business is closed it’s important to make sure the building looks occupied. Mail should be picked up, lawns mowed, and lights should automatically come on at certain times.

It’s also a good idea to work with a crime prevention specialist. A specialist from the nearest Metro command area can educate residents regarding specific techniques and action that can be taken to prevent burglaries. A few examples include having special locks on door and windows, maintaining certain lighting and landscaping, and the best alarms to use. Free appointments in the Metro area typically last less than an hour.

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