November 25, 2015

Crime Statistics Roundup 2015

Crime Statistics Roundup for Las Vegas, Nevada

Each fall, justice departments and crime reporting agencies release figures for the prior year. States and cities wondering how they rank in nationwide statistics. As a destination entertainment city that draws travelers from around the globe, Las Vegas always falls into the lime light. If you’re wondering how the City of Lights fared, here are some thought-provoking numbers about just how busy our legal system is and the challenges we Nevadans face.

National Crime Statistics

A judge's gavelThe Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently released its annual publication, Crime in the United States, with its cumulative statistics for 2014. The report contains at least 50 different tables, its statistics reaching down to state level as well as geographically-dense areas.

While nearly all national arrest figures for all types of crimes decreased from 2005 levels, two stood out:


Total arrests for larceny-theft increased by 5.5 percent.

However, minors ( individuals under 18 ) were not the cause. In fact, figures for minors showed a 42.3-percent decrease. Instead, arrests of individuals 18 and older increased by 22.2 percent.

Total arrests for property damage decreased slightly, by 4.1.

While arrests for minors decreased by 45.9 percent, once again, those 18 and over showed an increase, this time by 10.7 percent.

A burglar caught on tape

“Ages 18 and over showed a 10% increase in crime.”

Areas of Law

In the following series, we examine the statistics association with the four types of crime that Marchiano Law specializes in:

Burglary – Nationally, figures for burglary decreased by 16.4 percent..More

Driving Under the Influence – Arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) decreased by 65.8 percent for…..Read More

Drug Possession – Drug abuse violations decreased by 39.2 for minors….Read More

Domestic Violence – Arrests totaled at 79,556, with a national rate of 31.8 per 100,000 people….Finish Article

What It All Means

Unfortunately, all of these arrests tend to spike during major holidays. For many offenses, alcohol or other controlled substances can make a bad situation even worse.DUI Checkpoint

In Las Vegas, burglary, theft, driving under the influence, possession of a controlled substance and domestic violence are all crimes with weighty penalties and far-reaching repercussions. Las Vegas wants to remain a busy tourist entertainment destination but a safe one as well.

If you find yourself arrested and charged with any of these violations, you’ll need legal representation to navigate the court system. Even misdemeanor charges can affect your immigration status.

Some records are never truly sealed, and some arrests stand regardless of whether a victim drops or declines to press charges. Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle an arrest alone. Contact defense lawyer, John Marchiano, for help.