May 26, 2016

What To Expect When You’re On Probation For Drug Possession In NV

what to expect when you're on probation for drug possession

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If you’ve been held with any sort of drug, the chances are you’ve been faced with probation for drug possession in Nevada. This state is a lot like others when it comes to enforcing probation, especially for those that are caught in possession of drugs.

Possession of drugs has been a major problem since the US declared its “war on drugs” in the 90’s. Since then, more than 51 billion dollars are spent annually in the US for the war on drugs, which includes dealing with the convicted traffickers. Nevada has taken to probation for drug possession as a method of controlling their burgeoning prison population since it doesn’t make sense sending people who were charged with possession of marijuana to a maximum security prison. The result is more and more people in this state have been facing probation as a means of paying for their crimes.

Probation as a Punishment

Probation is a punishment that is done in lieu of incarceration. In the case of possession of drugs it’s a far more lenient sentence than sending the convicted person to jail. Probation usually requires the fulfillment of certain obligations as set forth by a judge. Among the things that judges demand for prisoners on probation are a certain amount of hours dedicated to community work as well as random drug screening. If the prisoner is unable or unwilling to meet these expectations then the sentence can be commuted to jail time or a fine. Any prisoners that break the terms of their probation are sentenced as though the probation did not exist. As a misdemeanor, marijuana possession carries with it a hefty sentence in terms of jail time and incarceration does not look good on a prisoner’s record. Probation itself does not end up on a prisoner’s permanent record as reparations for crimes and is normally used in the case of first-time offenders. Repeat offenders are not usually offered probation.

What is expected from a person on probation for drug possession?

An offender who has been sentenced to probation has an opportunity to remain a functioning member of society, rather than spend time in jail or prison. The idea is to utilize his or her skills and abilities that exist outside the confines of the prison in a method that would benefit the population of the state somehow. It also serves as a starting point for people who are addicted to substances to start getting clean because of the random drug testing that is mandated by the court. Furthermore, probation for drug possession serves as a deterrent against committing any crimes over its duration since this could lead to re-sentencing with a harsher penalty than the probation meted out to the criminal.

Seeking Probation

If you fulfil the criteria for being sentenced with probation then you should at least consult your lawyer to see if he or she can approach the judge with the offer. If you think that you have grounds for probation or someone you know may be in line to have their sentence commuted, fill out Marchiano Law’s Free Drug Case Evaluation Questionnaire. Together, we can try to bring the ball back into your court.