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Can I Vote Even If I Have A Criminal Record?

can i vote with a criminal record

*actor portrayal A person with a criminal record has certain rights and privileges suspended that other free citizens have as penance for whatever crime they committed. The courts are more or less fair in the sense that they recognize a criminal pays for his or her crime and after they have finished giving back to […]

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Car Break-ins Rising in Las Vegas

car break-ins in las vegas

Local Statistics on Las Vegas Car Theft & Break-ins Car theft is rising in the Las Vegas metro area. According to Metro Police, over 1,500 cars have been reported stolen this year, an increase of 20 percent over last year. These numbers don’t include car burglary or break-ins in which criminals decided not to steal […]

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These Personality Types Can Become Alcoholics

people most likely to suffer from alcoholism

*actor portrayal What Personality Types Are Prone to Addiction & Alcoholism? Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem that affects people in all walks of life. Police officers often note that they arrest everyone from doctors to teachers to general laborers for driving under the influence. It seems to affect people of every profession equally. […]

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