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Hot Spots for Burglaries in Las Vegas

Zip Code Map Clark County

Unfortunately, Vegas attracts more than just tourists.   We have our share of theft peppered throughout the valley.  The following information details general burglary statistics, specific areas where burglaries took place, patterns and trends, and tips for preventing these types of crimes. General Statistics There are  an average of 41 burglaries each day in Las Vegas. In […]

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Holidays Means DUI Checkpoints, But Just How Effective Are They?

Holidays DUI Checkpoints

DUI and DWI arrests are all too common charges that affect the community at large. To counter those drivers intent on drinking and driving, police set up sobriety checkpoint programs. The Ineffectiveness of DUI Checkpoints However, even though the Supreme Court ruling on Michigan Department of State Police vs. Sitz confirmed their legality, sobriety checkpoints have […]

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Crime Statistics Roundup 2015


Crime Statistics Roundup for Las Vegas, Nevada Each fall, justice departments and crime reporting agencies release figures for the prior year. States and cities wondering how they rank in nationwide statistics. As a destination entertainment city that draws travelers from around the globe, Las Vegas always falls into the lime light. If you’re wondering how […]

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2014 Las Vegas Arrest Report: More on Crime Statistics


*actor portrayal Burglary Statistics In 2014, the FBI reported 187,474 arrests, setting the national average rate at 74.9 per 100,000 people. Drilling down to Las Vegas: – Regional figures for the West, however, showed an arrest rate for burglary of 98.1 per 100 people – 23.2 points higher. – Nevada reported 2,736 arrests for burglary, a […]

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High Price of Drug Possession


The True Cost of a Drug Possession Conviction While Nevada has decriminalized marijuana and passed legislation allowing its medical use, a conviction for drug possession carries long-term consequences. Aside from the direct financial expenses associated with penalties, fines, and legal expenses, individuals also have the responsibility of paying for court-mandated educational classes and treatment and […]

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