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What Happens When You’re Arrested for Drug Possession?

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If I’m arrested for drug possession, will it go to municipal court? What does that mean? Under Nevada statute NRS 453.3361, local authorities “can enact an ordinance adopting the penalties set forth” for drug possession misdemeanors under a local ordinance. If you are arrested for a misdemeanor charge within a city’s or township’s limits, a judge […]

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Defense for Drug Possession

illegal drug possession

Types of Defense for Drug Possession Charges in Henderson, Nevada  *actor portrayal The Federal Bureau of Investigation released 2014’s “Crime in the United States” this fall, emphasized that “the highest number of arrests were for drug abuse violations” – estimated at more than 1.5 million. Over 83 percent – nearly 1.3 million – were for possession of […]

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Got Caught Shoplifting? Here’s what comes next.

Shoplifting Crime

*actor portrayal What Are Shoplifting Charges and Consequences? Get caught shoplifting in Henderson, and you’ll face not one but at least two charges: larceny and burglary. In plain English, you’ll receive one for stealing merchandise and one for entering the building with intent to steal merchandise. A burglary lawyer can help you understand the Nevada laws […]

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The Strange Psychology of Shoplifting that Drives Crime

Shoplifters Shop Too

*actor portrayal The Familiar Sitcom Scenario Shoplifting is a type of burglary charge, and you didn’t walk into the store to burglarize it. You really didn’t, but now an expensive makeup set is tucked under your jacket. It feels like a 25-pound, glowing, hot coal against your body. Even as you wonder “Did anyone see me swipe this?” the […]

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Link Between Peer Pressure and Crime in Teens

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*actor portrayal The incidence of teenage criminal activity is on the rise. Shoplifting, burglary, and other types of theft as well as drug abuse, smoking, and adolescent sexual activity, are all peer-driven behaviors that can ultimately lead to arrest and embarrassment for both teens and their parents. Why Do So Many Teens Commit Crimes? A variety […]

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