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The Strange Psychology of Shoplifting that Drives Crime

Shoplifters Shop Too

*actor portrayal The Familiar Sitcom Scenario Shoplifting is a type of burglary charge, and you didn’t walk into the store to burglarize it. You really didn’t, but now an expensive makeup set is tucked under your jacket. It feels like a 25-pound, glowing, hot coal against your body. Even as you wonder “Did anyone see me swipe this?” the […]

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Link Between Peer Pressure and Crime in Teens

Teen boy

*actor portrayal The incidence of teenage criminal activity is on the rise. Shoplifting, burglary, and other types of theft as well as drug abuse, smoking, and adolescent sexual activity, are all peer-driven behaviors that can ultimately lead to arrest and embarrassment for both teens and their parents. Why Do So Many Teens Commit Crimes? A variety […]

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Can I Refuse a Breathalyzer?

cop holding breathalyzer machine

*actor portrayal There are severe consequences associated with a conviction for driving while intoxicated in Clark County, Nevada. Substantial fines, loss of driving privileges, mandatory substance abuse counseling, and jail or imprisonment are just a few of the penalties associated with a DUI or DWI. While it is important to understand your rights and obligations […]

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Help! My Teen Son or Daughter Was Arrested. Now What?

Teen Arrested in Las Vegas, NV

*actor portrayal No parent ever wants to get the dreadful call that their teen was arrested whether it was for burglary, shoplifting, underage drinking, or any other crime. The ordeal may seem endless because the legal process has to follow specific guidelines. However, there are certain occurrences that are inevitable for every case. The mandated steps for handling an underage […]

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Can I get arrested for sleeping in my car?

Speeding ticket

*actor portrayal Yes. In Nevada, if you are intoxicated and asleep in your car, you can be charged with a DUI. Even though you were not driving the vehicle, so long as the key is in the car’s ignition, you are subject to penalty. For defense against a DUI charge in Henderson, contact Marchiano Law […]

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