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When Is a Police Officer Allowed to Use Deadly Force?

sign illustrating the fine line between police brutality and reasonable deadly force

There’s no escaping the controversy around police officers using deadly force. Some argue they shoot too soon while others contend that the actions are justified. Many individuals just really don’t know what to expect from law enforcement and treat officers with a high level of suspicion. Related: Can a Police Officer Search My Car Without Probable […]

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Do I Really Need a DUI Lawyer?

DUI lawyer

*actor portrayal One of the biggest problems with DUI legal proceedings is how easy they feel to navigate. It often seems tempting to handle your own arraignment and keep going from there. The truth is, a DUI lawyer is necessary far more often than they are present. While you don’t need a lawyer to plead […]

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Burglary vs Robbery: The Complete Comparison Guide

burglary vs robbery

Robbery and burglary are frequently confused with each other by those who are not familiar with the world of law. From a criminal justice perspective, the two are quite different. In this article, we will break down and compare these charges to give you a better understanding of the legal ramifications of one or the […]

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