October 28, 2015

High Price of Drug Possession

The True Cost of a Drug Possession Conviction

While Nevada has decriminalized marijuana and passed legislation allowing its medical use, a conviction for drug possession carries long-term consequences. Aside from the direct financial expenses associated with penalties, fines, and legal expenses, individuals also have the responsibility of paying for court-mandated educational classes and treatment and rehabilitation programs – all of which together can total thousands of dollars. If you are convicted, it may affect your ability to make a living, impact your credit standing, prevent you from obtaining professional licensing or even decrease your likelihood of qualifying for financial student aid.

As long as you incur no additional convictions, you can petition to have your records sealed 3 years after you’ve satisfied all court-, parole- and probation-mandated terms and conditions. However, just as in a dismissal, while the public records will be sealed and you’ll no longer have to acknowledge the conviction, professional licensing boards will still be entitled access to determine your suitability for certification or “liability to discipline for misconduct.”

As laws stand today, a conviction for possession of a controlled substance can never be completely dismissed or sealed. If you are arrested for possession, an experienced, skilled defense lawyer that can fight a conviction can not only help you avoid jail but also save you financially and professionally. Don’t wait. The sooner you have representation, the more assistance you’ll gain, and the better the outcome will be.

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