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If you have been arrested then charged with drunk driving or other serious felonies like robbery, it pays to have a good criminal defense lawyer on your side.

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Why Retain an Experienced Criminal Defense?

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In Nevada, felony charges have a wide range of different outcomes. From DUIs to domestic battery, burglary and robbery to drug possession charges, defendants can receive minimum probation or many years in jail.

Often times, the difference between a dropped charge or a long jail sentence is the quality of your legal representation in court. Having a skilled, knowledgeable, experienced defense lawyer will give you the best chance throughout the entire process. You should not leave anything to chance.

Best Defense Strategy for You

A good lawyer can lead you through this difficult and stressful process. You have to figure out whether you want to plead guilty or fight the case in court. You might have to determine whether it makes sense to take an agreement given by the District Attorney.

All of these decisions can work together to determine the rest of your life.

Different Punishments for Different Crimes

You should know that the Nevada courts have a wide range of punishments that apply. A person stopped for drunk driving might get sentenced to community service or serve jail time. A person who has a drug possession charge could find himself in prison for many years.

He might also be able to walk away with probation. For felony convictions, the punishment can be many years. A skilled attorney can effectively negotiate with prosecutors and serve as your advocate in front of a jury.

Repeat Offenders Need Experienced Lawyers

The Nevada court system will punish repeat offenders much more harshly. Previous convictions are known as aggravating factors in Nevada. This means that a crime that might have gotten a one-year sentence might end up with a five-year sentence. When you are facing this sort of consequence, you owe it to yourself to have a good attorney by your side.

A good lawyer can make sure that every single argument is heard. He can fight for the truth and fight for your legal rights.

Help through the entire process

Whether you are innocent or guilty, you need a solid law firm on your side. The court process is long.  In the early phase, you might have a chance to accept an agreement from the prosecution. During the trial, you will have an opportunity to fight the charges leveled against you.

Even if you did commit the crime, a good attorney secures the best sentence possible. He can convince the judge or jury that you should receive the lightest sentence available. By highlighting your good qualities and your worth, defense lawyers keep you out of a long-term prison sentence.

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