May 11, 2015

Help! My Teen Son or Daughter Was Arrested. Now What?

Teen Arrested in Las Vegas, NV

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No parent ever wants to get the dreadful call that their teen was arrested whether it was for burglary, shoplifting, underage drinking, or any other crime. The ordeal may seem endless because the legal process has to follow specific guidelines. However, there are certain occurrences that are inevitable for every case. The mandated steps for handling an underage arrest are detailed below. We’ll also explore the most common kinds of charges to show how different crimes may incur distinct repercussions.

What Happens When Your Teen Commits a Crime

1. The Arrest

Of course, the ordeal all starts with an initial arrest for purported wrongdoings. Usually, teens are caught at the scene of the crime, but evidence can be used to arrest them after the fact too. Either way, what matters is that the minor will be in custody. They are typically taken straight to the station in a squad car. The interactions during this drive are limited, and then they arrive at the juvenile facility for the next stage.

2. The Processing

Once your teen has been taken to the intake center, their processing can begin. This step will be really quick if they are a repeat offender or have been arrested before; otherwise, their vital information will need to be attained for the official record. Once the file is updated with all of the essential personal data, guardians are contacted at the phone number provided.

3. Contacting the Parents

This is the time when you will receive the call that no mom or dad ever wants to get. The intake officers will be tasked with informing you about your kid’s arrest. It is wise to keep communication to an absolute minimum to avoid incrimination. Parents should not say much after acknowledging guardianship; instead, get a lawyer immediately!

Questioning that pertains to the crime should be postponed until the teen has a chance to consult with their parents. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If the criminal offense is severe enough to warrant any interrogation, then Miranda Rights will most likely be read. After this formality has taken place, the teen may respond to questions without their parents’ approval or presence.

4. Preparing for What’s Next When Your Daughter or Son Is Arrested

After all processing procedures and questioning sessions, first-time offenders will probably be released into the custody of their guardians. If there is proof of patterned lawbreaking, then the minor may be put in a juvenile detention center pending trial. This will also happen if the crime highlights heightened severity or potential future dangers. Most likely, you will be able to take your teen home the night of an arrest, but this hardly spells the end of your parenting woes.

While preparing for trial, there are several positive steps that families can take to make their standing better. Therapy is always a smart move, especially since it will reduce the propensity for bad behavior while making a positive impression in court. Psychiatric treatment can have a similarly beneficial effect. Meanwhile, if drugs were involved, it is wise to seek drug courts and rehabilitation programs.

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