Land Use Attorney in Henderson

With over 30 years of experience, John Marchiano is one of the preeminent land use attorneys in the City of Henderson.  As a former City Attorney of Henderson, John Marchiano knows the law and the process to get projects approved at Planning Commission and City Council levels.

He has worked with many developers, builders and investors to see projects through to fruition and build a better community. 

Areas of Land Use and Entitlement

Types of local government applications and areas of practice:

  • • Zone changes
  • • Master plan amendments
  • • Annexations
  • • Licensing
  • • Development agreements
  • • Use Permits
  • • Design Reviews
  • • Waivers
  • Ordinance amendments

John Marchiano has successfully represented dozens of projects covering the Henderson area including:

  • • Local Casinos 
    • Malls
    • Master Planned Communities
    • Mixed use projects
    • Medical facilities
    • Store Fronts
    • Hospitals
    • Restaurants
    • Apartment complexes
    • Various businesses and vendors

The Planning Process of the Henderson City Council and Planning Commission

The planning process in the City of Henderson can be long and complex. Having the right legal expertise to navigate that process is very important. For instance, there is a Filing Schedule issued by the City of Henderson each calendar year. Knowing the right time to begin your application process can be invaluable saving you time and money. City elections, current project construction, and changes in city ordinances can inhibit the planning process.   

When the time is right to submit concept plan review, design review, zoning, and comprehensive plan amendment applications according to the City of Henderson filing schedule, the Law Office of John Marchiano has many years of experience navigating through this process. 

City staff review typically takes place within 10-14 days.  The community development staff reviews your exhibits and prepares a list of additional items if needed.

Land owners and developers may be asked to change details such as landscaping, building materials, and/or color schemes. 

The developer is required to submit all revisions within a specified time schedule. On occasion, a neighborhood meeting may be required when a project is within proximity to a neighborhood such as gas stations, convenient stores, other master planed communities, medical facilities, restaurants, and liquor establishments. A neighborhood meeting must take place prior to any approvals by the Henderson City Council.  


Final Stages of Filing Application

The first public hearing is the planning commission meeting. If your project is not approved at the planning commission level you can appeal that decision. Time is of the essence and the appeal process must be done quickly. 

A project is scheduled to be heard by the City Council approximately six weeks after it is heard by the planning commission. The City Council has the final authority of approving or denying a project.

In sum, the process can be simplified down to five major parts:

  • Step 1 - Initial submission
    Step 2 - Revisions
    Step 3 - Neighborhood meeting if applicable
    Step 4 - Planning commission meeting
    Step 5 - City Council



Annexing property can be a difficult and lengthy process. It is the process by which a municipality expands its boundaries by annexing neighboring unincorporated areas into the municipality. It can be done for various reasons, to provide utility services, expand city limits, or for the city to have control over a particular piece of land, etc. John Marchiano has represented many projects that required an annexation and has extensive experience with the process.


Marchiano has Over Two Decades of Experience in Land Use Law

No one is required to use a lawyer to buy or transfer land, but it makes a significant  difference with the protections involved when an experienced attorney is protecting a client’s rights. John F. Marchiano has more than 30 years of experience to draw from to help ensure that you are advised of all the legal steps necessary to bring your project to fruition. Call today to speak to an attorney about your case: (702) 565-0473.