August 5, 2016

Do I Really Need a DUI Lawyer?

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One of the biggest problems with DUI legal proceedings is how easy they feel to navigate. It often seems tempting to handle your own arraignment and keep going from there. The truth is, a DUI lawyer is necessary far more often than they are present. While you don’t need a lawyer to plead guilty, which is often a smart move when BAC tests come into play, you do need a capable lawyer to help you navigate the process and even reduce your sentence in a worst-case scenario. Whether or not you feel you have the resources for a good lawyer, remember that you are entitled to at least a consultation, and even that much can do a great deal to help your case.

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Plea Advice

When DUI charges are brought up, it is usually good advice to at least consult an attorney before choosing a plea. An experienced DUI lawyer can quickly assess a case and offer advice on whether or not to plead guilty. Beyond this, a lawyer can also pursue a plea bargain. In more complicated cases, a negotiation between the prosecution and defense can be the best way to go.

Pretrial Meeting

If a case is not completely cut and dried, a lawyer can use a pretrial meeting to assess the evidence and strength of the case. This helps with selecting a plea, plea bargaining and setting up the defense in general. This is an opportunity of unquestionable value for any case with any amount of uncertainty. In fact, this is one of the most important times to have a lawyer, and almost every public resource recommends taking advantage of such a meeting.

Sentence Bargaining

In cases where a DUI conviction is sure to happen (this usually depends on BAC tests), a good lawyer is indispensable. Sentence bargaining is the best way to get a potentially life-ruining sentence reduced. In these types of cases, it is usually impossible to get sentences lifted entirely, but without proper representation, punishments tend to scale much harsher.

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If a case goes to trial, having a lawyer is required. While a public defender is better than no defense, having a seasoned DUI law expert is the best way to go. Most lawyers offer payment help in many situations, so at least consulting should never be overlooked. Remember that not all evidence is irrefutable, and few cases are black and white. Police officers are people and as prone to mistakes as anyone else.

Repeat Offenses

Being guilty in the past does not make one guilty today. Unfortunately, a court is not likely to take this view. Past offenses do not just increase the penalties of a conviction, they also predispose everyone in the court to assume guilt. This is when a DUI lawyer is most important. A previous mistake should not be enough to condemn a person, but it often takes the knowledge of a DUI attorney to prevent this from happening.

Call a DUI Lawyer

Not every case is going to require the same level of legal expertise, and not everyone can afford a great lawyer. Regardless, everyone is entitled to legal consultation, and a phone call is free. Marchino Law has lawyers ready to work with you, so use them for that consultation and they can help you map out the best path to a good defense.