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When you need criminal defense or legal advice, John F. Marchiano Law Corporation has the experience to counsel you from beginning to end. We handle a wide range of criminal cases to better serve clients throughout Clark County, NV.

Our lawyers can help when charged. Lawful representation is key in successfully defending your case. Our criminal defense practice areas are detailed below.

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Criminal Law Representation in:


Nevada Burglary law can be quite convoluted and difficult to prosecute because the statute as it is written contains a series of nuanced measures. These subtleties deliver ample ground to develop a quality defense for your trial.


Did you know that robbery and theft charges come with a hefty 15-year prison sentence for some? Marchiano is versed in reasonable criminal defenses that absolutely cast question upon the charges brought against any individual charged.

Drug Possession

Though societal attitudes have relaxed somewhat toward marijuana, possession is still against the law. Drug Possession in Nevada means serious punishment for anyone charged. Our criminal lawyer is skilled in common defense tactics to reduce penalties in your possession case.

Domestic Violence

Being charged with domestic battery is an emotionally grueling experience. At times, you’ll feel as though you have nowhere to turn and that the odds are against you. Our attorney will investigate any claims of domestic violence against you and aggressively pursue your defense.


Every detail in your DUI case becomes relevant to the vigilant defense attorney that represents you in court. Since penalties for DUI and DWI are exceptionally extreme for offenders in “sin city”, you need to hire the best criminal attorney available.

Whether charged with robbery, theft, weapons possession, or other criminal acts, our attorneys will successfully provide lawful defense for your case.