December 18, 2019

What Does Robbery E/DW Mean in Nevada?

gun for armed robbery

If you or a family member has recently been charged with Robbery E/DW, it is natural to be concerned. While a Robbery E/DW can carry stuff penalties, learning about what the charge is and what it entails is the best way to take control of your situation.

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What Does Robbery E/DW Mean in Nevada?

In Nevada, Robbery E/DW — frequently referred to as armed robbery — is robbery executed with a deadly weapon.

There are two common ways robbery is misunderstood:

  1. Robbery is not the same thing as simple theft.

Many people identify robbery with theft crimes in general, but stealing is not the same thing as robbery. Robbery requires threatening or using violence that intimidates or forces someone to give up their property.

  1. It does not matter who the threat of violence or violence is perpetrated against.

Many people think that robbery requires using violence or intimidation towards the person whose property is taken. Robbery merely involves the use of force or intimidation. If a customer of a shop is threatened to obtain money from a shopkeeper, that crime can be categorized as robbery.

In short, standard robbery is using violence or the threat of violence to convince a person to hand over an item in their possession. Standard robbery is a Category B felony that has a minimum mandatory sentence of 2 years in prison and a maximum mandatory sentence of 15 years in prison.

When someone is convicted of robbery, the sentence can run concurrent or consecutive with other convictions. If a robbery conviction is issued with a concurrent sentence, then the time in prison coupled with the crime will expire alongside other sentences. If a robbery conviction is issued with a consecutive sentence, then the time in prison for robbery and other convictions expire one after another.

What Is Robbery With a Deadly Weapon?

Robbery with a deadly weapon is a robbery that is performed while a deadly weapon is present. In the eyes of a judge, it might matter the extent to which a deadly weapon is used to threaten or force someone to give up property. However, simply brandishing a weapon while performing standard robbery is considered an armed robbery.

It is essential to know that even if a deadly was inoperable during a robbery, the presence of the weapon is still sufficient for an E/DW charge. For example, exposing a gun to a person to get them to hand over their phone is robbery with a deadly weapon, even if the firearm is unloaded.

Performing any robbery is a severe offense, but robbery with a deadly weapon is treated as a far worse crime than standard robbery.

Nevada Robbery Penalties

As previously stated, robbery in Nevada is a Category B felony with a minimum mandatory sentence of 2 years in prison and a maximum mandatory sentence of 15 years in prison. Armed robbery allows a judge to double the sentence of a robbery charge. If an individual is convicted of robbery and is charged with seven years in prison, a judge can add up to 7 more years to that person’s sentence for armed robbery.

If represented effectively, the penalty for an armed robbery can be dramatically reduced or completely avoided. For example, an experienced attorney may be able to convince a prosecutor to allow someone accused of robbery to plea to a lesser charge or even convince a prosecutor to drop a charge completely. As a last resort, experienced representation can provide a compelling defense during a trial.

Can Robbery Charges Get Dropped in Nevada?

Yes, a robbery charge can get dropped in Nevada. When a criminal prosecutor files a charge against someone, they do so because they believe they have a strong enough case to convict. If a responsible prosecutor no longer believes their case is strong enough to result in a conviction, they will drop the charge. When a charge is dropped, a case is over.

There are a variety of reasons why a prosecutor might drop an armed robbery case. Having an experienced attorney advocating on behalf of the accused is the most likely way to get an armed robbery case dropped.

Armed robbery is a serious charge with serious consequences. The outcome of an armed robbery case will impact the rest of a defendant’s life. The only responsible way to defend yourself or a loved one against an armed robbery charge is to work with an experienced defense attorney familiar with the complexities of armed robbery cases.