February 22, 2022

What To Look For In a Criminal Defense Attorney

You need a criminal defense attorney, but you’re uncertain how to move forward with hiring one. How do you correctly assess a potential lawyer who will help you win your case? 

What qualifications matter and what experience should you ask about? Should you hire someone local or not? How does legal billing work? 

This article helps you answer those questions and more. Keep reading to learn the hallmarks of a stellar defense attorney. 

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How to Know If You Need a Defense Attorney

If you face criminal charges after an arrest, you need to consult a lawyer promptly. Exercise your right to a lawyer and to have a lawyer present during any questioning. Know that under Nevada state law, you’re only required to give your name to arresting officers. Nothing else. 

Remember: anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. So, we cannot stress how much it is also in your best interest to exercise your right to remain silent.

Defense attorneys not only help win cases or reduce punishments but also keep defendants from making costly mistakes by saying the wrong thing to law enforcement.

What To Look For In a Criminal Defense Attorney

When hiring your criminal defense attorney, there is the professional component, and then there is the personal. Both are important. For example, your lawyer should have expertise and experience specific to your criminal offense. But you also want to work with someone who you trust, who values your input and you.

Your lawyer should give you solid advice, yes, but they should follow your lead. Because in the end, you will make the call on how to proceed with plea bargains or a trial. 

These charges affect your life and your lawyer should understand that.

Keep reading and learn how to find the right lawyer who will work with you to help you win your case.

Someone Who Makes You Feel Comfortable

There will be a lot of information to go through and decisions to make. Can you ask your lawyer any question under the sun and trust them to give you a straight answer? If so, then you’re already off to a good start. If not, the legal process could become even more arduous.

As a defendant, you stand a better chance of success if you and your lawyers approach your case as partners. You want to be assured that your courtroom ally has your back. But if you’re not comfortable with your lawyer, then you cannot hope to collaborate or move forward with confidence.

Choose a lawyer who connects with you on a personal level, so that you’re not just another case file on their desk.

Someone Local

Hiring a lawyer with experience in the county and court where your case is being tried is another component to look for. A local attorney will already have a familiarity with the judges and courthouse procedures, as well as the police and prosecution. 

Relationships like these provide invaluable insight. Why? With inside knowledge, you and your lawyer are in a much better position to craft a solid defense and win.

Someone With Experience Representing Defendants Charged With The Same Crime

You’ll want to narrow your focus to criminal defense lawyers with experience representing comparable cases. Because of the dense, complex, and always-changing landscape of criminal law, many lawyers specialize in specific crimes. 

A lawyer who specializes in your specific offense will know‌ what you’re up against, as well as how best to fight back and win.

Someone Reputable With Good Reviews

Look up your potential lawyer on the State Bar of Nevada’s website. This organization keeps a record of all practicing lawyers in Nevada, which includes any formal disciplinary action taken against them.

You’ll also want to research your lawyer’s reputation online. However, make sure to read any former client reviews with a grain of salt. Your goal should be to get a clearer picture of your attorney — not write them off for one bad review.

Someone Responsive And Punctual

The last thing you want to do is waste time when dealing with criminal charges … or deal with a lawyer who wastes your time. 

Once you contact a potential lawyer, their team should want to meet with you as soon as possible. Also, they should respond to your calls and emails within a prompt and reasonable timeframe. 

Responsiveness and punctuality mean that your lawyer is on their game and takes your case seriously.

Someone Who Clearly And Easily Explains What You Will Have to Pay

Your lawyer should be upfront with you about their fees, the services they provide, and the overall cost of hiring them. They should also clearly outline how they bill and answer questions that you might have regarding payment. 

Vague answers or an unclear payment structure are indicators of a poorly run business. Make sure that you get what you pay for.

Someone With Confidence And Passion

Appearances and attitudes count in a courtroom. It’s why lawyers dress in suits and ensure their clients clean up. Their expertise in mounting a defense for you should also be on clear display, speaking to how they care about the case as well as you as an individual.

Make sure that your lawyer is who you want speaking for you on the courtroom floor. Someone well-spoken, earnest, and who will make a positive impression on the judge and jurors. They should be sharp and savvy — completely confident in navigating the nuances and rapid pace of a trial.

If your attorney for criminal defense isn’t any of these things, that can hurt you.

Looking For a Reputable Defense Attorney In Henderson? Choose John F. Marchiano!

Choosing the right lawyer in a narrow time frame can be difficult. But by keeping the suggestions of this article in mind, you can find the right lawyer to help you win your case. 

Remember, both the professional and personal component matters. While you want your lawyer well-versed in the specifics of law pertinent to your criminal offense, familiar with the local courts, and well-reviewed — you also should trust your gut.

Does your lawyer come across as confident and dedicated to their law practice? Can you trust them to collaborate with you? Will they answer your questions in a thorough and timely manner? Do they genuinely want to help? 

Will they be the right voice for you in the courtroom?

If you need the services of a criminal defense attorney in Henderson, look no further than John F. Marchiano. Marchiano Law offers exceptional and comprehensive defensive legal counsel. Contact us today.